Together, let’s shape a favourable environment for women’s entrepreneurship: Memorandum 2024 – 2029

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In the economic landscape of Wallonia and Brussels, women entrepreneurs face very real challenges. To meet these challenges and create an environment more conducive to their success, the 2024-2029 Memorandum has been drawn up. This pragmatic document aimed at the authorities and political parties proposes concrete solutions to overcome the obstacles identified in the annual Barometer of Women’s Entrepreneurship.

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Current challenges: funding, limiting beliefs, mental burden

The Memorandum highlights the main challenges facing women entrepreneurs, such as difficulty accessing finance, limiting beliefs and mental burdens. These barriers hinder their ability to succeed and prosper in the business world.


Practical solutions for a better future

Rather than focusing solely on the problems, the Memorandum proposes practical solutions. For example, it recommends a gender balance on investment committees to promote access to finance. It also suggests personalised coaching programmes and training workshops to strengthen women’s entrepreneurial and personal skills.


A call to action

This document is not just a report, it’s a call to action. Political decision-makers and socio-economic players are invited to implement these recommendations to support the development of women’s entrepreneurship. Together, we can create an environment where every woman has an equal opportunity to succeed in the business world.


We carry your voice

It is thanks to your contribution and your feedback from our various surveys that we can relay your demands. Your support is essential to creating a more inclusive and prosperous future for women entrepreneurs in Wallonia and Brussels.

Ensemble, nous pouvons transformer les défis en opportunités et créer un environnement où l’entrepreneuriat féminin peut vraiment s’épanouir.


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