Multidisciplinary, International, Inclusive

  • Global Wo.Men Hub promotes equality at work and co-responsibility at home for women in partnership with men;
  • We believe that a culture of collaboration between women and men at work and at home will bring effective changes in the gender equality agenda.

EU Projects Design and Writing Training Autumn 2023

Trainer: Luigi Della Sala

Our three main Goals

  • Enable  you to create in a three months session an EU project for your organisation from A to Z
  • Or  empower you to learn how to set up an EU project for your organisation in 2.5 days
  • Give you a clear and comprehensive view of all available EU funding programmes

Our Approach

  • Mentoring: We allow 5/6 people per session
  • Empowerment: Capacitating the participants to acquire the skills needed for designing and writing a concrete project
  • Validation: The trainer supports the participants in each step of the project development

Practical details

  • For the Programme details, Please clik here 
  • Q&A On line session:Thursday 7 September 2023, 12h00-13h00. Contact:
  • To register, please click here
  • Contact person:

Advancing Human Rights in AI Development: Combating Bias, Ensuring Accountability, and Encouraging Comprehensive Understanding-Workshop Autumn 2023

Speaker: Michaela Jamelska

The workshop goal:

1. Foster awareness and mitigation of potential AI bias and explore methods to minimize AI bias
2.Explore ways to align AI advancements with the protection of human rights while encouraging innovation
3.Examine ways to promote human rights in AI development for the betterment of our society

The worshop four sessions

For more details please click here – Contact person:



Inspire, Connect, Empower

The Global Wo.Men Hub is an International Multidisciplinary Data driven Research and Analysis Hub; an EU and International Projects driven Action Tank; an Education and Training Hub for Women in Partnership with Men in a Society in Transition.

Members are physical persons as well as legal persons (academia, associations, corporations, etc.)


Raffaella Folgieri
Raffaella Folgieri

GWMH Vice-President and Assistant Professor and Researcher at Università degli Studi di Milano

Luc Castan
Luc Castan

GWMH President-Executive Digital Catalyst IT & Business

Isabelle de Hennin
Isabelle de Hennin

Executive Coach and GWMH Bpard Member

Our Activities

The different working groups of the Hub works together with public authorities, industries, individuals, social organizations, academia to achieve a culture of collaboration between women and men in their professional and private life in a society in transition.

Research & Analysis

This working group will promote existing research and analysis and and create a network of experts from different fields to develop multidisciplinary research.

Projects Development

This working group aims at facilitating access to funded projects by public authorities, foundations or private companies.

Training & Education

This working group will promotes existing trainings modules and develop others for organisations  on the objectives of the Global Wo.Men Hub.


This working group aims first at creating the credibility and visibility of Global Wo.Men Hub at EU and international levels.


A huge THANK YOU to our members for making this movement a success.

“Words convince and Example drags”

Ana Martinez Tanco– CEO Almotech-INNOVACTORA WINN 2023 Award
The aim of these awards is to distinguish, reward and give visibility to innovative women, young people and educational centres, who develop or have developed new solutions to current challenges, and who are therefore a point of reference for young people in particular and for those who wish to innovate in general.keld-Managing Director of  Firefly Investments 238.

Ana is an innovative entrepreneur with passion and purpose, who is always learning and unlearning. Back in 2004, when many of you who visit Innovactoras did not exist, she was already innovating in training, research and development of new methodologies and tools for handling machinery. Martan was the first company to apply the methodology of driving schools in practical training thanks to the creation of a two-seater cab, a world first that was patented. In 2010, it was already winning awards for its digitalisation.

About GWMH Meetup

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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