Multidisciplinary, International, Inclusive

  • Global Wo.Men Hub is the voice of women relayed by men to have a powerful impact on a society in transition to the digital age;
  • Via a culture of collaboration between men and women in the day-to-day life at work and at home.

Mariya Gabriel
EU Commissioner Digital Economy and Society

“Congratulations to the Global Wo.Men Hub for their actions to empower women through education and training. Equality between men and women is a fundamental European value, and an indispensable element for competitive, innovative, dynamic and inclusive Digital Europe. Initiatives like these enhance women’s talents to the profit of fascinating digital and tech sectors where their added value contributes to Europe’s digital leadership.”

Pillar 1: A Global Network

To exchange on -line and off-line existing positive initiatives, practices and projects carried out by women for women, by women and men, by men.

Pillar 2: A Think-Tank

To carry out multidisciplinary fact-based research and analysis as well as EU and international funded projects on the objectives of the association.

Pillar 3: Training and Education Hub

To promote or inspire collective and individual training programmes for corporations and educational centers to achieve an inclusive society.


Inspire, Connect, Empower

The Global Wo.Men Hub is an International Multidisciplinary Data driven Research and Analysis Hub; an EU and International Projects driven Action Tank; an Education and Training Hub for Women in Partnership with Men in a Society in Transition. 

Maria Founti
Maria Founti
Laurent Goffinon
Laurent Goffinon
Magali Anderson
Magali Anderson
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Our Activities

The Hub engages public authorities, industry, individuals, social organization, academia to work together on the objectives of the association with the goal of achieving a culture of collaboration between women and men in their professional and private life in a society in transition.

Research & Analysis

This working group will meet the objectives of the Global Wo. Men Hub and its priorities via rigorous multidisciplinary research.

Projects Development

This working group aims at facilitating access to funded projects by public authorities or by the private sector, foundations and companies.

Training and Education

This working group will develop education and training modules on the objectives of the Global Wo.Men Hub 


This working group aims first at creating the credibility and visibility of Global Wo.Men Hub at EU and international level.


A huge THANK YOU to our members for making this movement a success.

Annastacia Olembo – Achieving Work Life Balance in Challenging Circumstances 

(Photo: Annastacia and her 2 sons)

Annastacia is from Kenya and she faced very successfully challenging issues in her private and professional life. She managed to combine strategy and tactics; a supportive presence for her family and intensive work hours in different locations; great sufferings from domestic violence and infinite comprehension for his partner but also putting the means to protect herself and her family.

About GWMH Meetup

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult”
– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

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