Leanne Stokeld

Leanne Stokeld

Managing Director of Firefly Investments 238


 You are probably unaware that the global growth in the number of companies with women in senior management has been mainly due to emerging economies such as Africa where 89% of companies have at least one woman. However, on that continent only 30% of women hold senior positions, even though this figure is higher than in Europe (27%) and North America (21%). Would you believe it? Let’s meet one of these senior managers!

Leanne is the Managing Director of Firefly Investments 238, an Acciona Energia Group company, and is responsible for the operations and maintenance of renewable energy projects in South Africa.

She has always wanted to be a good professional in the world of finance, which for her implies honesty and integrity. She started as an auditor for a large firm. She then worked for an investment firm in Johannesburg and her time at Firefly in Cape Town began as finance director. Now as CEO, Leanne is very proud to be contributing, from a renewable energy business, to creating jobs and securing electricity supply in a region where both are very much needed for the future. Not least in a country that ranks far too high in terms of emissions and ecological footprint. Leanne and her team’s contribution will no doubt be a source of pride for their children.


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