EU Reaches Milestone Agreement on Combating Violence Against Women

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Author: Michaela Jamelska, Technologist adn Human Rights Advocate

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EU lawmakers have achieved a milestone — I could say a monumental breakthrough, as most news reports, but in all honesty, it is a long overdue step in the fight against gender-based violence. This comes with the announcement of a provisional agreement aimed at combating violence against women and supporting its victims. This landmark deal represents a step forward in the European Union’s ongoing efforts to address and eradicate gender-based violence.

The agreement reached through negotiations between Parliament and Council representatives underscores a resolute commitment to preventing rape, genital mutilation, and forced marriage, while also addressing cyber violence. It prioritizes providing enhanced support for victims, recognizing the unfortunate reality that women are frequently targeted by cyber violence.

At its core, the agreement seeks to establish comprehensive measures to protect individuals from various forms of gender-based violence while ensuring access to justice, protection, and prevention across EU member states. The legislation also addresses online crimes such as the non-consensual release of intimate material and “cyber-flashing,” reflecting the evolving nature of gender-based violence in the digital age.
The malicious actors weaponize technology to inflict harm, emphasizing the critical necessity for robust legal measures to protect individuals from violations of their privacy and dignity.

Furthermore, this legislation prioritizes the safety and well-being of victims by improving support services and access to healthcare, with a focus on addressing intersectional discrimination and ensuring comprehensive care, including sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

The next step will be that Parliament and the Council will formally approve the agreement. Following its publication in the EU Official Journal, the new rules will take effect twenty days later. Member states will then have a three-year period to implement the provisions.



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