EU Projects Design and Writing Training Autumn 2023-REGISTER

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  • For more details on the project, please click here
  • Q&A On line session: Thursday 7 September 2023, 12h00-13h00. Contact
  •  To register, please click here
  • Trainer: Luigi della Sala

Our main Goal

  • Enable  you to create in a three months session an EU project for your organisation from A to Z
  • Or  empower you to learn how to set up an EU project for your organisation in 2.5 days
  • Give you a clear and comprehensive view of all available EU funding programmes

Our Approach

  • Mentoring: We allow 5/6 people per session to train eahc individual
  • Empowerment: Capacitating the participants to acquire the skills needed for designing and writing a concrete project
  • Validation: The trainer supports the participants in each step of the project development

Two Options

Options 1: EU Project Life Camp

1. Day 1 (Friday, 14h00-18h00), what is an EU project?

  • EU added value: the importance of thinking European and including EU partners
  • Overview of EU funding
  • Structure your project design team, with roles and responsibilities

2.  Day 2 (Saturday, 10h00-18h00), Create your Project

  • The engine of the project: the ‘why’
  • Your What: the Results
  • Your How: Objectives, work plan and methodology

3. Day 3 (Sunday, 9h00-13h00), Write your Project Abstract

  • Analysis of specific calls and EU templates
  • Writing laboratories
  • Abstract Pitch

Option 2: EU Project Writing-Online Training

1. Design your project idea, with an initial output: the concept

  • The engine of the project: the ‘why’
  • The background
  • Assessment of your specific needs and good practices
  • Your What: the Results

2. Create your project, with a second output: the abstract

  • Objectives, work plan and methodology
  • Writing the right budget
  • Building partnerships
  • Choose the most appropriate EU call for proposals
  • Indicators

3. Write your final proposal, officially submitted to the EU

  • In-depth analysis of 1 or more open calls for proposals
  • Application rules and team’s division of roles
  • Communicating with partners
  • Writing review and submission

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