Women’s visibility in education as an engine for change and equality-Call for Papers

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The  Journal of learning style will publish in 2021 a number on Women’s visibility in education as an engine for change and equality.

You are welcome to publish an article in this magazine. Please contact Maria Cruz Diaz de Teran for more details.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals reflect that quality education cannot be separated from the achievement of gender equality. Access to education improves people’s quality of life, but only if this access includes inclusive and equitable education can it help develop solutions to the world’s most serious problems. This requires the establishment of new scenarios that promote measures focused on advancing innovative training at different educational levels towards equality of women and men.

The need to work across the board is the principle of equality of women and men in education, and equality policies are reflected in different national and international regulations. In this line, together with the measures proposed by international regulations, Spanish regulations propose, in addition to non-discrimination between male and female students, the need to promote proactive training towards equality between them. This training necessarily implies, among other measures, research into teaching methodologies and content which recognize and make visible the contributions of women to education and social progress.

To respond to these concerns, the Journal of Learning Styles will dedicate the next Vol. 14 (2021) to the issue of female visibility in education as an engine for change and equality. We therefore hope that the contents of this issue will be useful for teachers and contribute to the construction of an egalitarian society of women and men.

Lines of research:

  • Female references in teaching and literacy models throughout history
  • Women educators and/or researchers who have promoted advances in the care and study of teaching-learning styles
  • Women agents of change in the leadership of educational organizations
  • Teaching strategies to improve the visibility of women’s contributions
  • Incorporating a gender perspective into the curriculum
  • Methodologies focused on female contributions in different fields of study.
  • Deadline: 15 January 2021

Guest/collaborating editors:

Anna Maria Colaci, Associata SSD M-PED/02. Department of History, Society and Studies on Mankind. University of Salento

Inmaculada Alva, Researcher Level 1 and collaborating professor at the University of Navarra.

Mª Cruz Díaz de Terán, Professor of Philosophy of Law. University of Navarra

In collaboration with the Institute of Culture and Society of the University of Navarra and REDWINN_Women and Innovation

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


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