The Impact of Technology in the Home

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The incorporation of technology into the home is a crucial issue in the day-to-day life of households and it is necessary to continue generating material that serves to guide families. We know that this is not a trivial issue.

it requires both social and individual effort to get it right. Our future and that of the next generations’ depends on the correct use of these technologies by both households and society. To this end, we must ensure that they are developed intelligently, with human needs in mind, and that they are integrated into our lives in the same way. This is not to demonise them, but neither is it to think of them as simple and innocuous tools. Their power is great and we have to learn to manage them.

As in most of the situations we face in life, not everything is white, not everything is black, but it is up to us to find the balance. It is an honour for Home Renaissance Foundation, and for me in particular as head of communication, to introduce you to those who are participating in this new project: experts with deep experience and knowledge of this subject ; parents who are overwhelmed but interested in learning and facing the dilemmas the new technologies raise for the family; psychiatrists who warn us of the dangers, and people whose lives have been changed for the better by technology. Thank you to everyone who has so generously contributed their time and insight to this report. We hope that you will find this both informative and enjoyable the feelings of parents and experts.

To download the report, please click here.

Angela de Miguel-Director of Communication Human renaissance Foundations.



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