The Home in the Time of the Coronavirus

by | Jun 1, 2020 | All, Women and Men Collaboration at Work

Covid-19 shows us that by being supportive, giving ourselves to others, staying in our homes and remaining positive, we can face the virus and win the battle. In the meantime, this virus prevails, warning us that we are not over it yet, with the total number of deaths continuing to rise each day. It is especially affecting the elderly, but people of all ages have also been cruelly
struck down.

And then, suddenly, the home, that institution that we took for granted, has become the most important place in the battle to contain the pandemic. We have been instructed to stay at home for weeks on end in order to “flatten the curve” and stop the spread of infection and prevent more deaths.

Our day-to-day routine has been completely turned on its head and we’re faced with a sudden reworking of everyday life, with the home at its heart – providing the means for the schooling of our children, the hub of the workplace and the focus of our leisure time. The place that we tended to forget about unless we really needed to step back from the world, has become the centre of our world and regained its value and meaning, underpinning HRF’s work to put the home at the heart of society.

Home Renaissance Foundation asked for testimonies from people throughout the world about how they are coping during this time of quarantine and social distancing. We would like to create a true record of how this global health emergency is affecting people, their triumphs and tribulations, and what home means to everyone during this extraordinary time of lockdown.
No-one has been left unaffected by this crisis – we have all returned to the safety of the home, which has regained its rightful place as the source of well-being for the whole of society.

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