Fascinating AI-Opportunities and Challenges-GWMH Webinar 11 February 2021

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Progress in computing and the explosion of data has opened up astonishing prospects for mankind in many fields: the development of science, robotics enabling the exploration of naturally inaccessible areas, improved comfort, intercommunication and medicine. We can be rightly astonished at the extent of the help that technology brings us daily. However, all this technique, which some people call artificial intelligence (or A.I.), if it already provides us with many services, can have perverse effects.

The moderator of the seminar was Jessica Johnson, Communications Director of Foratom

Jean Magne, co-author of the book “Fascinante AI” told us more on the challenges and opportunities of AI and propose to designers and users, whether they are decision-makers or simple actors, an analysis and recommendations grid to guide their reflections and direct their actions towards securing A.I.

Valérie Gautard  addressed one specific aspect of AI: machine learning.

She is responsible for an informal group, called IntheArt . InTheArt is a project which aims to bring together different institutes around Machine Learning and more generally around artificial intelligence. This project is led by the programme DRF (direction de recherche fondamentale) Impulsion within CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives).

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