Exploring Women’s Entrepreneurship: Diane 2024 Barometer

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For nearly two decades, the Diane network, powered by Union des classes moyennes (UCM), has been resolutely committed to promoting female entrepreneurship. Born from an in-depth study in collaboration with the EGID centre and HEC Liège, Diane has emerged to fill the gap in specific support for women aspiring to create their own jobs. Since its inception, the Diane network, capitalizing on UCM expertise and field experience, has benefited from continuous financial subsidies from various subsidizing authorities such as the European Social Fund, the FPS Economy, Wallonia Entrepreneurship and Brussels Economy and Employment.

Why an annual Barometer?

Faced with persistent challenges such as stereotypes, lack of trust and limited access to finance, women entrepreneurs face a series of obstacles in their entrepreneurial journey. It is in this context that the Barometer of female entrepreneurship in Wallonia and Brussels takes on its full meaning. Divided into two parts, this study analyses the key figures of women entrepreneurship and explores the results of a field survey, providing crucial insights for decision-makers, economic actors and women entrepreneurs themselves-to better understand and overcome these challenges.

The key figures:

  1. Population growth:
    • At 31 December 2022, Wallonia had 127,932 independent women, with an annual increase of 2.62%, and Brussels had 35,653 independent women, up 1.92%.
      Although the share of women in the main independent role shows a steady evolution, it has remained relatively stable since 2012.
  2. Entrepreneurial Motivations:
    • Women entrepreneurs are primarily motivated by the need to achieve and thrive professionally, which highlights the resilience and determination of women entrepreneurs in the face of obstacles in their path.
  3. Revenue and profitability:
    • Since 2013, the income of self-employed women in their main role has increased by 30.57%, but more than half believe that their activity is not profitable enough to live decently.
  4. Financial dependency:
    • Nearly 75% of women entrepreneurs live with a second person who generates another income within the household, often higher, highlighting significant financial dependence.

The Barometer, an action tool:

This Barometer, combining quantitative and qualitative data, offers perspectives to decision-makers, economic actors and women entrepreneurs. It highlights the persistent advances and challenges, highlighting the crucial importance of women’s networks in supporting and developing women’s entrepreneurship.

Female entrepreneurship is growing in Belgium, but issues such as profitability and income disparities remain. Women’s networks, like Diane, play a vital role in the entrepreneurial fabric, creating a space for sharing and collaboration. The Diane Barometer is a compass, guiding concrete actions to overcome the challenges identified and propel women entrepreneurship towards new horizons.

Discover the Diane Barometer – 2024 Edition


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