Caring at home for those with extra needs

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How often we complain about how unfair life is when we really have no reason and are unable to appreciate what we have. However small the difficulties, they can seem very big to us and that makes it hard for us to feel grateful. One of the most obvious things to feel thankful for is our health. Without a doubt, 2020 gave us a setback that made us consider this aspect. For months, the important thing was to stay home and take precautions or we ran the risk of dying or killing others. But to those who are born with some kind of disability, for those who depend on others to live, for those who due to an accident were suddenly in a body that was not their own, the pandemic offered no choices, and the home became more important than ever. We want to dedicate this new 2021 Communication project to all those homes where people live with disabilities. We have entered these homes to learn about the difficulties that the people who inhabit them experience every day. We want to honour all those family members who give so much of themselves so that their children, their parents or their grandparents live with dignity. We want to engage with professionals working in this field on how to deal with such a situation.

 And of course, by making the reality of these homes and stories visible we also want to gain the ear of our politicians and legislators. To share the message of the value of all in our society and how the care of the home is the vital factor in meeting all our needs. Like everything in life, even the most painful or difficult, there is a good side and we are going to make it shine in this report. However, we are going to show the effort, suffering, work, pain, acceptance and adaptation, loneliness and helplessness that all these homes might experience at some time. But once again, as we always do at Home Renaissance Foundation, we are going to swich on the light and put the value on what is truly important, in this case, these PEOPLE CARING.

Mariana, Jaime, Sarah, Pablo, Roberto, Sader, Ignacio, Kara, Irene, Fernando, Benjamin, Monica, Miguel Ángel are the protagonists of this Communication Report. You will find magnificent testimonies from seven different countries, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Syria, New Zealand and Argentina. Hopefully, by reading this report our eyes can be properly opened to the rich contribution those with extra needs and great hearts make to our lives and homes and our society.

English Version ‘Caring at Home for those with extra Needs’

Versión Española “El Cuidado en el Hogar de Personas con Discapacidad”


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