Innovactoras-Letitia Asumu-Equitorial Guinea

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From the website Innovactoras

As a child Leticia was a restless and somewhat stubborn child. She kept asking herself questions about almost everything and felt the need to discover if life outside his country of origin would be as exciting as they recounted the many books that his father accumulated in the showcase of his salon.

After completing secondary education, at the age of 18, she obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Cooperation Agency (AECID), which allowed her to move to Spain where she began a professional training in commercial management and marketing. After completing this cycle, she decided to enroll in university (this time without financial backing) with the firm intention of studying law. These years she remembers them with special affection; they were training in combining studies with jobs to cover expenses. At the university she discovered that she was passionate about international law and everything related to external relations so he did a master’s degree in European Union. essays services

A few years later she returned to Equatorial Guinea, the country that saw her born. There he could fulfill another of his dreams: working in an international organization. For two years she served as a programme specialist in the United Nations Development Programme. In 2015 she was one of the 3 women from her country selected as a member of the initiative for young African leaders (YALI), promoted by former US President Barack Obama. In 2016 he began his doctoral studies at the University of Navarre.

While preparing her doctoral thesis on the right to housing from a human rights perspective, Leticia is working on the launch of a new project (another of her many self-imposed challenges) designed to provide consulting services to different institutions. In constant search of solutions for development. Did you know that 60% of the African population is under 35?

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