Advancing Human Rights in AI Development: Combating Bias, Ensuring Accountability, and Encouraging Comprehensive Understanding-Workshop Autumn 2023

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Speaker: Michaela Jamelska


  • For the last 10 years, Technology has been invading our way of living, our young people education, our thinking in relation to gender equality and human rights
  • Artificial Intelligence and its overarching implications (robotics, web 3.0, social media) will have implications in our education system,in our homes, our professional lifes and way of living
  • It is time to pause and analyse critically the positive and negative impacts of the current and future technology both at design and deployment level
  • How can gender equality-at the very heart of human rights-be applied to computer science, engineering and innovation?

Hence, the workshop goal:

  • Create adequate understanding and enhance critical thinking through four online sessions on:
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Web 3.0
    • Robotics
    • Impact of social media
  • Create apetite to deepen knowledge and develop an expert programme upon the feedback of the 4 sessions

The worshop four sessions

The methodology

When-Registration and Costs

For more details on the workshop content, please click here

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