Transformation of the European Women Forum asbl into Global Wo.Men Hub (GWMH) asbl

by | Mar 29, 2019 | All, Association News

The Global Wo.Men Hub (GWMH) is
• an International multidisciplinary fact-based research and analysis hub;
• an EU and international Projects driven action tank;
• an Education and training Hub and;
• a digital resource centre with good practices and initiatives.

for Women in partnership with Men in a society in transition.

GWMH is a non-for-profit association (ASBL under Belgian law). It is governed by a general assembly and a board of Director relying on 4 working groups to implement the three pillars mentioned below. Members consists in either legal persons legally constituted according to the laws and customs of the State to which they belong, or to natural persons, Belgian and foreigners.

Membership as an individual member is free. Each member commits by a contribution in kind, for example, to be the ambassador of the forum, to participate in a working group of the forum, to direct a webinar of experts, etc.

For legal entities (corporation, government agencies, academia, schools, associations), a tailor-made agreement is signed between the association and each legal entity who wish to become a member of the association.

Memberships are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors

The Board members are:
• Luc Castan, Executive, Digital catalyst, IT & Business
• Véronique Sudraud, Senior marketing account and international sales expert
• Luigi Della Sala, proposal drafter and coordinator
• Colette Veys, PR and Public Affairs Communication
• Gilles Gilet, business booster for SMEs
• Christine Marlet, EU Public affairs Director of Global Wo.Men hub
• Nathalie Timmerman, Professeur d’anglais et coach.

Luc Castan was appointed President, Véronique Sudraud, Vice-President, and Luigi Della Sala, Treasurer.


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