Réseau hommes Belgique

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The Réseau Hommes Belgique (RHB) is an association aiming to bring men together in self-managed groups. Each group constitutes a space of speech, listening and sharing, a space between men, in total confidentiality.

Today, the RHB has active groups both in Brussels and in several provinces in Wallonia.

The RHB is the Belgian avatar of the Réseau Hommes Québec (RHQ) initiated in 1992 by Quebec psychoanalyst Guy Corneau.


Since 1995, men have been meeting regularly to talk and listen to each other. Simplement. Speak in depth about the essentials that inhabit them. No host in title. Only shared commitment and mutual respect made of non-judgment and empathy. No oratory or fight of ideas, but the simple expression of lives and feelings, in a sharing that enriches both those who listen and those who speak.

When it comes from the depths of ourselves, when it speaks of what makes the intimacy and richness of our being, the shared word is enriching and straightens the human being.

When she is caring, without judgment and respectful of the autonomy of the other, listening is learning and school of life.

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