Voice, Participation and Leadership. Overcoming the Barriers of Invisibility of the contribution of Women to Law: an Educational Challenge

May 14, 2019

Mª Cruz Díaz de Terán Velasco,Titular acreditada Filosofía del Derecho de la Universidad de Navarra, España

Since Mª Ascension Chirivella graduated in 1922 from the Law School of the University of Valencia, the presence of women in law schools has continued to increase, and women now constitute a majority in all universities. But, upon analyzing whether the majority presence of women in universities is reflected in legal practice, we see that it does not. A full and balanced legal system requires the joint
work of female and male jurists, resulting in a need to increase the presence and visibility of women in the development and interpretation of legal rules. In this article, I analyze the data on the percentages of students and legal professionals who are female. Based on this analysis, the article proposes actions so that, starting from the law school stage, educational challenges are handled in a way that increases the participation of women in law and allows greater visibility of their contributions. Since law is one of the main tools for improving society, the societal improvements that will result from these actions is critical to a better future.

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