The Reignite Academy

Mar 28, 2019

The Reignite Academy provides opportunities for experienced lawyers to return to the profession after a career hiatus.

 The academy sources lawyers who are ready to return and matches them with opportunities at member firms, either through individual supported placements or through inclusion on a six month Reignite Programme.

Individual placements can be into permanent or contract roles depending on the circumstances. On the Reignite Programme, candidates join as a cohort and are provided with a six month period of paid training and work experience.

In all cases, candidates are provided with coaching and support from the Reignite team. Member firms, in the meantime. have the opportunity to plug their talent gaps with well qualified professionals who are ambitious to reignite their city careers.

Global Wo.MEN HUB

Rue général Lotz, 7/4

1180 Brussels


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