Nov 1, 2019

So Organised was born out of a series of circumstances that led me to make a new professional start.

Indeed, it was in 2017 that I took a 180° turn. After studying as a management assistant and a 20-year career in the banking sector, I decided to change course to be in line with my values, which are sharing, caring, respect and integrity. I felt that it was essential for me to turn to an activity that affected the human being, organization and decoration.

It was after reading Marie Kondo’s book “Ranger: the spark of happiness” that I understood that the job of “Home Organiser” or “Storage Coach” was EXACTLY what I wanted to do! I wanted to help people find the right balance by setting up a new organization in terms of their time, home and papers.

To become a “Home Organiser”, I went to Paris to take a qualifying training course at the Medicis Campus. I came out of it delighted and ready to take the big step. These new skills, combined with my professional experience, have enabled me to achieve my full potential by launching my business under the name “So Organised”.

Most Home Organizers focus on de-cluttering and storage. As far as I am concerned, I have noticed that storage difficulties often hide a problem of personal organization and/or an inability to manage papers and documents. Since one leads to the other, we quickly reach a snowball effect that causes us to be completely submerged. That is why I have organized my service offer around these three themes.

More recently, I completed my training as a Life Coach at the Leading & Coaching Academy in Brussels. A new bow and arrow that allows me to have a more holistic view of the difficulties faced by my clients. It is an undeniable asset to remove obstacles and brakes.In addition, for those who wish, I can complete my coaching assignments with decoration advice.

Sophie Bascour, Brussels,website in French

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