Redes comerciales y estrategias matrimoniales

Mar 26, 2019

La mujeres en el comercio del Galeón de Manila (siglos XVII-XVIII)-Inmaculada Alva, Universidad de NavarraDecember 2016. 

During the colonial period, trade in the Philippines was centered on the monopoly of the Galleon of Manila, a commercial route that, since 1593, linked the East with the West. In the middle of a world of soldiers and wealthy merchants, there were plenty of women who found a way to develop an activity productive .Since the beginning of the seventeenth century, widows had been granted the privilege of participating in the load of the galleon, to facilitate its economic sustenance. Some preferred to sell their participation other merchants, but there were also those who invested their capital personally in this trade, using the networks and business contacts established by their deceased husbands. The mercantile activity that they developed was very similar to that of the merchants established on the islands. 

The present work tries to rescue a large number of these women from being forgotten, especially those who did not limit themselves to live on their pension, but fought to maintain and increase business of their husbands. It allows to understand the role of women from a new perspective, in the context of a society that apparently hindered the development of this type of professional skills. Through some examples, the way they were involved in these companies will be shown the relationships they developed and the marriage strategies they developed to ensure fortune and heritage.  

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