Leaders plus – a Network for Leaders with Babies – UK

Mar 28, 2019

Verena Heftie from the UK founded Leaders Plus. She has run highly successful leadership development programmes and events for 10 years in Switzerland, Denmark and the UK, most recently as Regional Director at Teach First where she redesigned.

With this social enterprise, Verena’s vision is that gender inclusion at work and at home means no parent has to make the choice between pursuing a leadership career and leading a fulfilled family live.

Her mission is to help new parents who have taken time out to care for their children to stay on the leadership pipeline.

Leaders Plus offers high quality training, mentoring, peer support and access to inspiring role models. It aims to build a positive movement for change so that new parents can thrive in leadership roles. The workshops focus on how to continue to develop your career while looking after young children and managing your work life balance.


Contact Verena: heftiverena@gmail.com

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+32 472 42 98 46

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