From Victims to Actors: Women’s Inclusion in the Energy Transition

Apr 30, 2019

Flora Demaegdt is a Master candidate in Development Studies at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. For the past 2 years, through an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable development, she focused on global environmental governance, the evaluation of development projects, and gender equality issues.

During her course on “Poverty and Inequality” taught by Professor Graziella Moraes Dias Da Silva, she wrote a paper on the gender-energy-poverty nexus. She argued that the energy transition can reduce poverty under the conditions that women are recognised as the main victims of both lack of energy access and poverty, that women are encouraged to be active actors of the energy transition, and that the wider complexities of the social and political contexts are taken into consideration. She took the concrete example of the Barefoot College to illustrate her point that women are agents of change.
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