Actas de la primera jornada interdisciplinar : el genio oculto-por la visibilidad de la aportacion de la mujer ayer y hoy

Mar 26, 2019

Maria Cruz de TeranGrupo dinvestigacion en historia recient (GHIRE)Estudios sobre la mujer (proyecto Genovifem a research group on women protagonists of the history). ISBN. 978-84-697-8678-9. 

In 1988 two American historians, Bonnie S. Anderson and Judith P. Zinsser, wrote a book History of women, a story of their own. Among other things, the book highlighted a need that had begun to be claimed few years before: the obligation to reread history in a feminine key, giving women the real role, they have played.  

Women, in addition to their contribution to sustain the home as mothers and carers, have made an important work in the political, scientific, artistic, social and economic development that has gone unnoticed in the stories to use. In fact, the massive incorporation of the woman to the university has been a key factor to explain the huge growth of the Spanish economy in the second half of the 20th century, that has not had in our society the recognition it deserves. 

But, although women have been gaining more confidence in their work and publish more research, their visibility is still insufficient. The struggle for equality between women and men is a component fundamental to the advancement of human rights and the progress towards a fairer and more solidary society. 

In this digital publication are collected, in brief synthesis, Some of the collaborations that, thanks to the authors, have been synthesized for its diffusion. In short, through the initiatives planned by the Project Genovifem, we aspire that women occupy the place they deserve in the history. We are convinced that it is necessary to have a more complete of the story. Today, where equal opportunities between women and men is one of the priority objectives of the European Union, we have the possibility to start discovering a story so far unknown. 

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