Women Leadership Catalyst in Kenya

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Breakthrough Leadership Transformation Group is a premier leadership advisory firm better known as the leadership catalysts in Nairobi, Kenya helping women to become real leaders.

They focus on enabling leaders and organizations to gain deep knowledge and practice authentic, inclusive and transformational leadership. This knowledge is then converted into intentional impact using a wide range of tools such as Breakthrough self-assessments, executive coaching, and mentorship programs.

Next By Women Africa is a 360 Degree Mentorship program for Women in Leadership, Business & Technology in Africa, founded by Patricia Murugami, the Founder and CEO of Breakthrough services. The services she gives include:

  1. Board leadership and legacy solutions;
  2. Breakthrough leaders circles.  Diversity then Inclusive Leadership is critical for organizations which want to thrive now and in the future. This innovative solution of Breakthrough leaders circles is borne from world-class research that demonstrates that adult learning needs to be reflective, collaborative and practical with accountability;
  3. Leadership team purposeful impact seminars & corporate retreat;
  4. Transformational leadership coaching.

If you wish to see best practices, go to that page

Patricia also helps to build resilience when we have crisis. Are you feeling lost? Distressed? Depressed? Confused? Angry? Stuck? Hopeless? Discouraged? Then you have come to the right place to relearn, unlearn and learn self-awareness and self-mastery during the crisis. Please contact Patricia wherever you are in the world and she will help you in the situation of post crisis COVID 19 we are in!

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