Shes’s Back-UK

Mar 28, 2019

This initiative of Lisa Unwin and Deb Kahn aims at supporting women who wish to come back to work after a long break.

First, you fill in an online questionnaire:

Then She’s Back helps organizations access the potential of women at all levels. And She’s Back supports women who want to return. 

And read the book: She’s back-your guide to returning to work.

Women’s careers twist and turn. Women step back or step away for so many reasons. Then, let’s face it, returning is tough.

Whether you are coming back after a break, or looking to ramp up a level, this book is an essential guide and helps you succeed.

Contact Lisa Unwin and Deb Kahn


Global Wo.MEN HUB

Rue général Lotz, 7/4

1180 Brussels


+32 472 42 98 46

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