Gender in Climate Change Adaptation

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Women & The Energy Transition | 0 comments

A very important area of gender and climate change adaptation is the field of ‘loss and damage’. Loss and damage refers to the negative effects of climate change that people have not been able to cope or adapt to. Loss and damage can either come in the form of economic losses (decreased income or physical assets) or non-economic losses (1) (deaths, health, biodiversity, loss of diversity, etc…).

Women are important actors in this field, since they often enhance the response of their community to climate change. They are also more vulnerable than men in this area, especially regarding non-economic losses. Loss and damage should be assessed by more than only monetary or financial quantification. Since women often contribute to their family and society in non-monetary ways, this assessment method increases gender inequality. Loss and damage needs to use an assessment method that takes into account the contributions of both genders from a broader social perspective (2).

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