EWOB 2019 Gender Diversity Index

by | Jun 1, 2020 | All, Empowerment of Women in `leadership

European Women on Board published the first research focusing on executive and decision making bodies of the 600 companies listed on STOXX Europe 600 from 17 European countries. It uses a weighted Gender Diversity Index to measure individual companies’ performance looking at 10 comparative criteria. The study conducted in autumn 2019 provides insights on gender diversity in European corporate world by countries, industries and companies.

Päivi Jokinen, Chairwomen of European Women on Board says ” The research seems to indicate that change through legislation and binding quotas is still debatable. Countries with quotas do not seem to do better than the ones where progress has been made through social change. It comes as no surprise to the reader that the Nordic countries have more women on their boards, but some of the countries in the lower ranks might be unexpected. The results by industry are interesting as well and invite for more research to outline patterns.”

Please click here to download the report.

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