European Leadership commits to Gender Equality

by | May 27, 2019 | All, Empowerment of Women in `leadership

Text of the Declaration signed by many European Leaders for a balanced vote in Europe. Initiative of the Delors Institute.

We want a European leadership that reflects Europe. All of Europe. Women too.

The European Parliament election takes place all over Europe. In all EU Member States, women and men are on the ballot.

We hope you will all go vote so that our European Parliament is representative of women and men in equal numbers.

Equal representation is in everyone’s interest. It is not a woman issue. Yet some still act as if women are a minority. Women are not a minority. Women and men should be equally represented when it comes to European leadership.

So help us make sure that the new European leadership is equal. It is time we have a gender balanced European Commission. The same number of women and men among Commissioners. The same number of women and men in the team of the President and the Vice-Presidents of the Commission. And as many female presidents as male in the European institutions.

It is now. Make it happen. Vote.





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